1. la cameriera è una spogliarellista,una put…per me è solo una ragazzaccia ke si vuole fare i soldi con le cazzate.e poi anke se è successo sto tradimento sarà sicuramente stata colta di sta gran put…ke lo avrà stuzzicato.NON PREOCCUPARTI ZAYN NON CREDEREMO MAI A UNA TRO..E COMUNQUE ZAYN TI AMO,I LOVE YOU,TE AMO,JE T’AIME

  2. If I was a muslim I would be laughing my ass off at the total idiots in Sweden, Britain, etc.!!!Is there some sort of collective dementia in the EU? I keep thinking things can’t get any more absurd, and then I discvoer I am wrong!

  3. Olkoonpa kyse sarjakuvahahmosta, nukesta, karamellipussissa olevasta kuvasta tai mistä tahansa ihmishahmoa muistuttavasta kuvaelmasta, sen ei katsota loukkaavan ihmistä olentona, vaikka ihminen olisi esitetty millaisena tahansa. Kuva tai nukke tai patsas tai muu sen tyyppinen voi esittää lihavaa, rumaa, inhottavaa, eläimeltä näyttävää, pedolta näyttävää ja vaikka miltä näyttävää ihmisolentoa. Voi olla ihmispäisiä eläimiä, voi olla ihmispäisiä hirviöitä jne. Koskaan ei tällaisen tuotteen ei katsota loukkaavan ihmistä.Paitsi jos…

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  6. How disappointed she must have been. Unfortunately this is all part of life’s learning curve….If Gwen has real talent and really wants to go on the stage or whatever ..then she will do it! If she has the Willpower and Determination she will do it.Best of Luck Gwen, whatever you choose to do

  7. It will probably go better than you are anticipating. We took my son (now 5) on two one-hour round-trip flights as a baby. I remember him laughing when we hit a patch of really rough turbulence (we live in the mountains so those landings can be rough). Other parents are always very understanding and everyone else will naturally keep their distance from you so don’t worry. How long will your flight be? I actually think it is much easier with a baby than a toddler or pre-schooler. We had more trouble entertaining my son on our last cross-country trip to Orlando.

  8. Just wanted to let everyone interested in this knife around here know that there’s a guy selling two NIB for 20 bucks today (11/08/12). It’s too big for me but talk about a hell of a deal- I just bought a brown Delica 4 from him for 30 bucks.

  9. that Kevin was a person of the highest integrity, more or less putting to rest that he was involved.It’s damaging and I’d wish whoever it was would either STFU or blab openly rather than secretly. However, I’m not as gloomy about it as Brian appears to be. Still a long way to go. On the up side, it may force Gillard to reveal more of her passion as she did in her speech yesterday. That would at least encourage voters that she stood for something.It will make the campaign launch interesting. We’ll be watching to see if anyone’s missed in the hugging and kissing.

  10. They’re upset because they aren’t black. They’re mixed and anyone calling them black is a clown for ignoring the genetics. Why is it when a mixed person is black and non black X, they’re labeled black but when a mixed person is non black X and non black Y, they’re aren’t forced into one category? That one drop rule holds absolutely no scientific value and doesn’t even make sense when the vast majority mixed ‘blacks’ obviously do not look black.VA:F [1.9.16_1159]please wait…VA:F [1.9.16_1159](from 0 votes)

  11. There were so many times I should have tapped out emotions when they were there, at the highest feeling of 10, because like you said you have emotions on shelves inside you and carry it with you and it will be brought to the surface once something triggers it.I know now that when I feel that 10 I will tap it out to a zero. I’m on my way to peace… thank you! <3

  12. Thank you for saying you’ve seen three month olds in larges and always stressing that every baby is different! My 7 week old is in mediums (he’s 16 pounds already!) and I was verklempt that the expectation is that he would be in medium at 5-6 months!!

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  17. Nathan, thank you for this contest. Cheers to Holly as well!All the pieces were very well written and the six finalists deserve kudos.My vote goes to Luc. I typically race right past sci-fi tales, but Luc had me so intrigued, I would plunk down my money on his book right away.

  18. i don't know how anyone can believe this GDP number is a) not totally overstated given that they are using a delfator that is only half of CPI and PPIand b) not being driven by record federal deficits and an unprecedented swelling of the fed balance sheet.this is what happens when you try to manage to a number instead of results.borrowing a trillion and spending it on consumption is not the same at all as earning a trillion.looking at just C+I and using cpi as a deflator shows a VERY different picture.

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  22. I’m so glad you explained the snake spit. I was brought up as an air force kid and not around gardens. The bugs are enough to scare me away! I loved your insight about strawberries, snake spit and Satan. So true!

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  30. Drew Barrymore DID have breast reduction but it was years and years before the photos shown(black bikini) were taken. She admitted openly to it because she had such large breasts. She never had implants or implants removed, but had a reduction. I don’t know if she’s undergone a second reduction, but when one does so it’s less for vanity reasons and usually due to back aches and things of that nature.

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  32. I figured the man that dreamed up the Swedish Bikini Team and other fantasies was messing with his audience again. He fiddled with Photoshop and other computer hocus pocus to create a product too preposterous to be believed, especially by us city folk. Pork brains with milk gravy in a can? No way.Well darn it all if it isn’t real. My cousin out in Acworth reports he stirs the stuff into his eggs when he’s in the mood for a special breakfast.What’s next, Road Kill Variety Snack Packs? We Americans think foreigners are weird. If we want weird, all we have to do is look in the mirror.

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  36. [the term illegal immigrant is itself a dehumanizing term and hold tons of negative rhetoric to it.]The terms “illegal” and “alien” are defined in Section 8 of the US Code, so stop your whining. You and your ilk are trying to avoid the fact that these people are breaking the law.

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  38. Nice tackle, Ed. If any high school kid had made a tackle as soft and weak as the one Ed made in the gif above, his coach would still be screaming at him. The old Ed Reed would cringe seeing that. If you are unwilling or unable to get low and wrap up on an open field tackle like this, the way you were taught since you were in Pop Warner, it’s time to retire.

  39. Does New York have a Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Law? If so, and I lived there I’d put a sign on my house that explained that New York had that law and as the paper stated, I’m armed. That would end any protestors or robbers I think.

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  56. the anti-war movement– “you know, Code Pink” showed its partisan, anti-Republican agenda by the fact that “nobody hears from them any more. Where are they? Now that a Democrat is in office, they’re not around.” [or words to that effect.]Peter Hoekstra, phone your handlers; Code Pink is alive and well and giving IDF AND the Obama administration/State Department, grief.

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  59. I was thinking how much I would enjoy a Meetup with many of those that entered this contest! I am having a hard time narrowing down the list to my favorites as certain genres that don't appeal to me have entries that are sublimely written, yet, because it's not "my thing" I wasn't hooked. I loved Istvan Szabo's paragraph immensely and wanted to offer my praise!

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  64. dk- thank you! I really like how you explained detachment. It makes sense and I feel a lot better. I already have Man’s search for Meaning on my shelf -must read it again, thanks for the reminder. And I ordered A Light in the Wilderness. (Yay for Amazon Books!)Your words have been a God Send today. Thank you for taking the time and energy to break it down for me. Also, I admire how you have handled your situation with your ex-wife. That is exactly how I want to be.

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