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  2. Egghead: Islam also executes witches, but how many Islamic witches are really executed every year?Exactly zero. Witchcraft does not exist and any Islamic executions for witchcraft are merely thinly veiled vendettas, revenge by jilted suitors and other such typically Muslim mayhem.

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  4. I LOVE IM5 I am a huge Cole fan. And I look up to him. My dad also goes away sometime for work but I do get to see him on weekends. When ever I miss him I think of Cole and about his dad. Thanks for being awesome Cole and I know you guys will grow in fame. Love ya:)

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  12. Will, I so enjoyed your BLOG post about leaving China. My husband and I lived in Shanghai for 3 years – 2008-2011 – LOVED IT. We are now back in Pittsburgh – living the life of grandparents and missing the mei meis and our fabulous Chinese friends. I think of them often and wonder if I will ever see them again. I hope so. Good luck in Sunnyvale – repatriating is very difficult.

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  19. Yeah husky i dont really like Skyrim or the Elder scrolls in general. i mean i’m not saying their bad games but i just have no interest in playing them & i cant really explain why.

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  22. I mean that’s how I see the second part. You’re the first person or frog I’ve seen suggest that the deal might not hold or that the elections might go forward anyway. I guess it’s conceivable that there’d be a falling out, but most are assuming Mofaz can’t afford ANOTHER zig. Also, I’ve read that Israeli public reaction is mainly positive on the unity government, though not critical reaction.

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  25. „Women? No! Not unless they are elderly women,disabled women, or little girls. Context my dear Grata, context. Of course, as a man, I will always look out for the fairer sex. But please consider the context of what I was saying.”Still in context. Given the abuse the Black woman in America is currently enduring, I would expect her to be on a black man’s list of people needing protection. But, maybe I am expecting too much. Never mind.That child has a mother and God knows what her story is. Again where is the father of this child in all this?

  26. Leonardo DiCaprio's girlfriend Bar Refaeli sues Israeli newspaper for libel Martillo:Does anyone read your crap? Usually I enjoy the hatred and jealousy of a Weiss or a Duke, but you are just unreadable. Your writing is so dense I can't get through a paragraph.

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  28. What has getting spanked got to do with being a feminist? (this confuses me regularily when people accuse me of not being a feminist)Feminism is about equal oppurtunities right? Recognising a human’s inate ability and right to make decisions bout their lives? (obviously above a certain age, giving a 4yr old that kind of freeom might lead to problems!!)And does spanking me make the beloved a masculinist? Or not?Agree with what you say, just expressing some confusion following a conversation earlier today!!cuddlybum

  29. Loved the bit about memory being the great cosmetician:-)Haven’t we all experienced that height (or is it the depths?) of self-indulgence: falling into feeling that anyone/everyone else’s past is better than our own? And in the end we must still confront the three fears of No Center, No Meaning, and No Self. Really nice, Jay!

  30. Just discovered your blog – someone recommended your market bag tutorial. I’m glad I stopped by, I just LOVE your quilts. The newest one is quite stunning. I’d love to try something like that myself, but I’m a bit terrified of triangles… Anyway, thank you for sharing your beautiful work!

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  37. felicidades por esa hermosa y disfrutada lactancia! que nostalgia verdad?? No quiero ni pensarlo. Nosotras llevamos 27 meses ya y no veo cercano el destete ni por casualidad…fue progresivo lo de Liam? o de buenas a primeras no quiso mas? me intriga! Un abrazo nena.

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  39. Heard on the radio this morning that the latest survey of state voters shows that there is overwhelming support for not only the democrat runners, but also for the $450 million give away for stem cell research and the $200 million for buying land from insiders.BTW, if stem cell research is supposed to be the panacea for everything that ails us….one can only wonder why arn’t the pharmaceutical companies in NJ going full speed ahead on their own without the taxpayers having to bank their research.Ahhh, what the hEll. $30 billion…$31 billion in debt…nobody cares.

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  48. For some reason, I get more out of a win over Boise State than Miss. St. Even if the Liberty Bowl is better by name, I was hoping Arkansas would have gone 7-5 and they would have went instead.

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  53. DLS “I assume that the advisors promoting Lieberman believe that the Republican party needs to move to the left and become some sort of bigger government, compassionate conservative party.”A.k.a., “moderate” [rolling eyes]

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  58. This is something which I actually agree with and support. Although, I blame all of the major political parties and society, for their ignorance and their neglect of the disabled, along with the abuse done toward the disabled in many instances. If the disabled are to have a decent quality-of-life, there ought to be real high-quality support given toward them, rather than forcing the disabled into prison-like institutions.

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